Buzzword to Game Changer

In the past 12 months, AI has moved from a Buzzword to a Game Changer for many of the world’s leading brands.

As of January 2019, 61% of all businesses have already started implementing AI-based technologies (narrative science).  As a result, senior marketers are under increasing pressure to better understand how the world of AI can deliver immediate business benefit whilst simultaneously unlocking longer-term brand potential.

At a basic level, Artificial Intelligence improves insight for marketers around how your customers behave and think in order to identify consumer trends, uplift the marketing experience and change behaviour. AI enhances the extent to which brands can make informed decisions based on past, present and future data analytics.

AI for brand engagement can be utilised in various ways including social listening, sentiment analysis, programmatic ad targeting, predictive analysis, image recognition, content recommendation, chatbots, sales forecasting and price optimisation.

A couple of recent examples of how AI is being used successfully by marketers include:

Amazon Recognition tags keywords in image and video analysis. By providing an image or video, the service can identify objects, people, text, scenes and activities. It can detect any inappropriate content as well.

Starbucks uses predictive analytics and AI to deliver personalized marketing messages to customers including recommendations when they’re approaching their local stores. A virtual barista service on the app powered by AI also allows customers to place orders directly from their phone via voice command (

“Every serious technology company now has an Artificial Intelligence team in place. These companies are investing millions into intelligent systems for situation assessment, prediction analysis, learning-based recognition systems, conversational interfaces, and recommendation engines.” – Kristian J. Hammond

AI for Brand and Digital Asset Management

Intelligent Marketing and Digital Asset Management are essential in today’s omni-directional world. According to Google, Omnichannel shoppers have a 30% higher lifetime value than those who shop using only one channel. Having a high-performance DAM with increasing AI capability is fundamental to an effective omni-channel strategy.

AI within a DAM ensures image search is more intuitive, often automating and improving asset categorisation, indexing and meta-data tagging. Machine learning will further enhance the process of Brand Management, continuously improving the ways in which assets are tagged, displayed and connected. Intelligent Brand Management software will help accelerate how brands search and use assets, ensuring content can be found, re-used and re-purposed quickly to deliver brand compliant global campaigns efficiently.

If you’d like more information on how BrandMaster has supported clients as diverse as Mercedes Benz, Careem, Helly Hansen and BMW in helping them with their brand and asset management, please contact us below.

By Anil Noorani, Managing Partner, TKM Consultants

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