The benefits of MRM-platform

Why should your company invest in Marketing Resource Management?

Marketing Resource Management (MRM) provides the software solutions to support marketing operations management bringing people, processes and technology together. With MRM, companies have the tools for creating seamless processes across multiple channels, departments and activities.

Marketing Resource Management emerged in the 2000s. Nonetheless, in 2018 there are still many companies worldwide who are not aware of the many benefits and advantages MRM brings to marketing teams.

Depending on your needs, the benefits will be different from company to company, and the list of benefits are long. So are the reasons why to invest in MRM.

Marketing is becoming technology driven

For many, MRM is believed to be a large investment and a nice-to-have tool instead of need-to-have. And many smaller companies probably evaluate MRM to be unnecessary. However, with the increasing demands for any marketing team to provide content and material faster than ever before, execute activities, providing support with immediate time-to-market and reduce expenses, any marketing team should evaluate and prepare for the marketing future.

Marketing tasks as we know them are changing, everything is happening online. Inbound marketing, digital advertising, globalization and the increasing demand for availability is setting new standards for delivery. To keep up, marketers need to consider how they can maintain their service level, providing their organization and markets with necessary material and information. And at the same time working on long-term strategies and building their brand.

The days when marketing was traditionally more creative driven, and the above-mentioned demands were limited has expired. The need to be more programmatic and technology driven are here to stay.

Marketing Resource Management takes you ahead of your competitors

The decision on whether or not to invest in a MRM platform is based on different organizational needs. It is important to prioritize what needs are fundamental before taking on large project that never ends. Start simple by getting control of your marketing material, your communication and your execution. Another important aspect is to find an experienced provider of MRM that can grow with your needs and are technology driven, ensuring that your needs are also fulfilled in the future.

The products and solutions provided by MRM software platforms are diverged. Therefore it is important that you know your needs and have an idea of your roadmap before you select your provider. Avoid choosing a vendor that cannot meet your needs in the long-run.

It is a myth that this only applies to large corporations. Protecting and managing your brand, communication and marketing activities are of the same importance regardless of organizational size. In the end, all companies are aiming for strong brands that takes them ahead of the competitors and reach your revenue ambitions.

Key benefits of Marketing Resource Management

Consolidating and establishing a single platform for marketing teams leads to reduced time spent on locating files, documents, adjusting material, sending large files and more. On the upside, organizations become self-served and labour hours are spent on value added tasks driving the important brand- and marketing activities. In addition, your digital assets are protected and secured, thus avoiding the risk of losing intellectual property. And most importantly, you take full control of your brand and communication, driving consistency!


By Renate Sandland Henriksen

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