The digital and brand management market in the UK has been maturing nicely over the last few years and has seen an explosion in the number of vendors that are plying their trade.  The market has also seen a degree of consolidation during the last 18 months with many mergers and acquisitions strengthening the offering of many of the market leaders.  However, acquisitions do come with risks to existing customer bases, as worries around which product will be mothballed and what the effect on amalgamating products will have on the speed of innovation are very natural and understandable concerns.

From DAM to MarTech

From the customer viewpoint competition means more options and vendors having to work harder and smarter in order to win, and retain, their custom. Especially in the SaaS world where customers hold all the cards when it comes to holding their vendors to account.  Strong vendors must be able to prove to their customer base that their solution is able to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing challenges that marketers and brand owners face and which the solutions themselves must also adapt to.  There has also been a shift in recent times towards the expectation from customers that their solutions must deliver more than simple file storage and control.  Systems need to be integrated with the rest of the technology stack and to become a cog in the wider MarTech machine.  This is also the case with additional modular functionality that supports more of the content lifecycle, from creation, to approval, storage, reuse and rework the modern brand management tool is a powerful platform that takes ownership of the entire life of the content being created.

Embrace brand management

Finally, the incredible global brands that are based on the UK demand that their brand and digital asset management platforms reflect and embrace the brand themselves.  A logo in the corner and a few company colours are no longer sufficient.  Marketers need to experience a truly immersive brand experience that allows them, and their agencies, partners and customers, to understand the essence of the brand by experiencing it in all its facets from within the tool.  This is where I believe the BrandMaster proposition differentiates itself from the rest of the market, offering incredible branded interfaces that wrap around the DAM functionality to allow the end users to live and breathe the brand they are working on in an amazingly user-friendly experience.

By Russell Barr, Managing Director – UK, BrandMaster