We are proud to announce that Vermont Holding (GANT, Karl Lagerfeld, Peak Performance, Tiger of Sweden ++) has chosen BrandMaster MRM as their Marketing Resource Management system.


Vermont Holding Company Inc. was founded with the mission to bring to the Czech, Slovak and Hungarian markets premium quality clothing brands and the corresponding high standard service. Today they represent strong brands like GANT, Karl Lagerfeld, La Martina, Peak Performance, Barbour, Nautica, Tiger of Sweden, Odd Molly, Cremieux and have over 70 stores and nearly 500 employees.

A challenge keeping every brands asset up to date

Managing so many great brands across several markets means coordinating lots of pictures and marketing material. Each year new seasonal collections are added for each brand. This means a lot of new assets and the need to control usage of older assets.

To keep control of every brands asset and campaign related material Vermont used FTP-servers to receive and store pictures and marketing assets. This kept everything available, but left much to be desired in terms of usability, locating the correct assets and managing usage-rigths. Assets had to manually downsized, cropped and renamed when used across different platforms like print, social media and webpage – resulting in lot’s of manual work, less re-use of assets then desired and lack of synergies across markets.

Everything gathered in one solution

Vermont will use BrandMaster’s Digital Asset Management System to get control of assets, pictures, and campaign related material for the brands they represent. Every brand will have a dedicated area. The system generates different file-formats and crop on demand, making sure the correct picture is used in every situation. Easy categorization, tagging and auto-generated recognition will give Vermont entirely new ways for locating and reusing assets. With everything gathered in one solution processes like planning, creation, distribution and information can be optimized – resulting in faster time-to-market and full control of every brand.

BrandMaster will integrate directly with Vermont’s new webpage letting them publish pictures in the correct format without any extra step. Madeo, BrandMaster’s partner in Eastern Europe, will develop Vermont’s new webpage and create a site that represents the different brands accordingly. The site will later incorporate an eCommerce section where both pictures and data will come from BrandMaster, playing the role of a Product Information Management System (PIM).

We welcome Vermont and their brands as customers and look forward to great collaboration over the years to come.