7 factors for successful implementation of Digital Asset Management

In this document we describe 7 factors that are critical for successful implementation of DAM and a DAM system.

Our collective experience

The implementation of a DAM system is more than installation of a new software. It takes more than just a system to reach what you really want.For more than 15 years we at BrandMaster have helped over 100 different businesses and organisations to implement DAM systems. In this document we’ve complied our most important experiences and lessons learned from all of these projects.Through this publication we want to help you to focus on the right things while you implement DAM and a DAM-system and avoid many of the common pitfalls.

Success factors:

  1. Start with why
  2. The correct team line-up
  3. Real data
  4. Early training
  5. Approach before system
  6. Zero customizations
  7. Implementation step by step

Different ways to use this publication

You can use our 7 factors for successful implementation in several different ways:
  • as a checklist before you start your project to see that you covered all the points.
  • as a guide to steer back on course if you already introduced a DAM system, but feel that it was not quite as you thought.
If you take the 7 critical success factors, that are described here, into account you will have a smoother implementation, a simpler solution and – most important of all – a successful result. These 7 success factors are irrespective of which DAM system is to be implemented.